Tom with his 3 wheel mortorcycle

Tom had a unique way of putting things. Some of the things he said were just basically Ozarkian slang, many were a result of mocking someone else's speech, but a lot of them were just Tom being Tom.

Often the meaning of What Tom said was clear, but sometimes he used terms that require an explanation. So, where it would be helpful an explanation is included. Be advised that Tom had a multifaceted personality and some of these may be just a little on the "raunchy" side.

Tom behind the pulpit
Tom with his 3 wheel mortorcycle All growed up All grown up - If someone corrected him by saying "grown" he would oblige them by groaning, literally!
Barking Coughing - I guess he thought it sounded like barking, especially the coughing of children.
Bassackwards Backwards
Docean duh + ocean (the ocean) - Because Teri/Urdee used to say it that way.
Doodotuhs Strawberries - He said Teri called them that when she was little. She didn't remember this, but thought it might be because they had dots on them
Fart the stire Start the fire - Just a slight re-arrangement of consonants.
Gow here! Get out of here - Making fun of the way Teri said it.
Guttercide Suicide - suicide > sewercide > guttercide Calling a sewer a gutter is admittedly a bit of a stretch.
Hen fruit Eggs
Nixon An erasure - Because of the infamous gap on one of Nixon's whitehouse tapes.
Oh, pee on ____ ! - (fill in the blank) Tom's way of expressing contempt for something or someone.
Plastic bread White bread - Because it was supposedly artificial.
Religious Activity Hunting (by cats) - Predatory activity could be called "preying" a homophone of "praying", certainly considered a religious activity!
Soo soo Cement - Tim called it that when he was little.
Stug Protruding belly - Guts spelled backward.
Throwed Threw - Yes, he knew better!
Took off like a scalded dog - This refers to sudden rapid movement, usually away from the observer.
That beats anything I've seen in all my bornded days!
That's as worthless as tits on a boar! - A boar is a male pig. I'm sure you can figure out the rest!
Urin Yours - This was pronounced like "urine".
Why I was _____ 40 years before you were born! - (fill in the blank) He often said this to me, he accomplished a lot when he was only four months old! :)
Woom Room - Another Teri mocking Thomasism.

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