Tom and Judy, in their later years
The story of Urdee

Tom and Judy were married for 40 years, from February 1959 to May 1999. I suppose that it is not too surprising that during this time he came up with a nickname for her. What is surprising is how he came up with this nickname.

Tom and Judy had their first child, Tim, on March 5,1960. When Tim first started talking he called Judy "My urdee". By the time I was born, on Februray 12,1963, he had stopped calling her that, referring to her simply as "Mommy", and soon forgot about the earlier nick name.

Some time in the mid to late 70s Tom related the story about how Tim used to call Judy "my urdee" to the rest of us. It wasn't until several years later, some time in the early to mid 80s that Tom began referring to Judy as "Urdee". This is somewhat of a mystery. Why did Tom start calling Judy "Urdee" so many years after Tim had stopped using and even forgotten his nickname for her?

Even if he were still alive today, Tom might not be able to give an exact answer. I suspect that Tom was repeating the "urdee" story, possibly on a camping trip, and decided to call her that as a joke, or maybe because he thought it was cute. Apparently he liked the reaction he got because he began to call her that more and more until eventually he used the nickname almost exclusively, referring to her as "Judy" only in more formal settings.

You might wonder why Judy didn't use "Urdee" as a CB handle. All I can tell you there is that Tom's handle, TDI65, came from "Tom Do It" and his age at the time and WF47 was a shortened form of WiFe and her age at the time. As the years went by the numbers were increased until they finally gave up CBs in favor of a more expensive but much more practical alternative: cell phones.

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