Tom with his video camera
Tom's Videos

Tom got a video camera in 1989 and he loved to take videos of just about everything you could imagine. This included cats and other animals as well as family gatherings and outdoor scenes such as sunrises and sunsets. Some of the videos featured at the Cat video website were originally videotaped by him. He also liked to use special features on his camera such as the "mirror" function (like he does in this clip) and even combined clips with music, etc. using a mixer board. This page features a few samples of his work.

Shadow attacks the lens cap, actually!
Shadow attacks the camera
(with sound) 45 seconds AVI (4276k)
MPEG (7597k) Real movie (3302k)
racoon baiting, don't try this at home!
Illadvised racoon baiting
38 seconds AVI (3433k)
MPEG (3461k) Real Movie (2936k)
Illadvised racoon baiting with a twist
Uneasy dinnermates
33 seconds AVI (5462k)
MPEG (5770k) RealMovie (3805k)
Sometimes cats make frustrating subjects!
Nermal, Look at the camera!
(with sound) 16 seconds AVI (2620k)
MPEG (2794k) Real Movie (1433k)
Willow goes nuts as Pebbles watches
Willow goes nuts!
(with sound) 8.7 seconds AVI (1493k)
MPEG (1487k) Real Movie (703k)
Recently discovered footage of playfighing videotaped by Tom.
 This predates the classic calico fight video by several months.
Calico cat playfighting
22 seconds AVI (2207k)
MPEG (2672k) RealMovie (1556k)
Bandit as a kitten
Bandit as a kitten
7.7 seconds AVI (579k)
MPEG (861k) Real Movie (591k)
Bandit grows...
Bandit grows...
(with sound) 21 seconds AVI (1997k)
MPEG (3634k) Real Movie (1645k)
Hummy is the nickname Tom gave to all hummingbirds!
25 seconds AVI (2698k)
MPEG (3014k) RealMovie (2159k)
Tom's timelapse experiment
Antenna sunrise
32 seconds AVI (522k)
MPEG (3908k) Real Movie (3505k)
Ice crunching and icicles shattering, an unusual event in Carmichael!
Carmichael crunch
12 seconds AVI (3122k)
MPEG (1984k) Real Movie (1504k)
A rare event in Sacramento
California ice storm
35 seconds AVI (7569k)
MPEG (4279k) RealMovie (4183k)
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